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Heritage Society of the Congregation of St. Joseph

The story of the Sisters of St. Joseph began in the South of France in 1650 where our first members earned their living as lace makers. By remembering the Congregation of St. Joseph in your estate plan, you help us weave a stronger partnership with the dear neighbor for generations to come.

Your gift to us through your will, revocable (living) trust, retirement assets, life insurance policy, charitable gift annuity, or charitable remainder trust automatically enrolls you as a member of our Congregation of St. Joseph Heritage Society with these benefits:

  • You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a special gift.
  • Your name will be inscribed in our registry of honor.
  • Masses or prayer services will be celebrated annually for the sisters to keep you in prayer.
  • You will be recognized at our annual donor appreciation event.
  • A Mass will be offered for the repose of your soul.

If you would like to become a member, please click on the link below to complete our Heritage Society enrollment form.

Heritage Society Members as of October 24, 2016

Anonymous (18)
Anonymous † (3)
Jerri Bastin
Mary and Peter Bauer
Fr. James F. Bernauer †
Tanya M. Bieth
Joyce Billadeau
Jane Bogenschutz
Larry and Leslie Bouterie
Lawrence Brafman
Bill Bramanti
Margaret Brennan
Bridget Brewster
Rosemary Broughton
Charles L. Brouillard
George and Judy Bruzza
Bonnie Buerk
Eileen J. Cantin, Ph.D.
Robert R. Casey
Thomas and Andrea Cassidy
Guy and Judy Chandler
Nancy S. and Doug Charney
Edward and Elizabeth Clark
Frances M. Cleary †
Ann Marie Conner
Mary Coscino
Louis Curet
Ruth Deitz
Julie Delph Hendrickson
Evelyn M. Dennig †
Paul and Rebecca Dion
   In memory of Rita Dion
Alice Dougan
Fr. Donald J. Eder †
Patricia L. Evans
Marguerite Geier
Mary Louise Gellner
Marilyn F. Gibas
Louis B. and Marjorie S. Gillespie
Rosalie Glynn
Agnes Goss
Mary Jo and Steve Hazard
Judith A. Higgs
Terri and Herb Holman, M.D.
Beth Hornberger
M. Lurline Jolly
Michael and Bev Kelly
Norine C. Kittel
Lyn Kramer
Joe and Colleen LaVenture
William M. Lawler
Suzanne M. Leafen †
Marilyn Ledger
Thomas Lenertz
Marla Loehr
Robert H. Mace, Jr.
Gloria C. Maddox
Hilda and Lloyd Maestri
Carol C. Manion †
Fr. John Mannion
Mary Sue McDuffie
Karen L. Medure
Servando Mendez
Charles † and Vicki Milam
Margaret A. Morath, D.O.
Judy and Jerry Nechal
Robert and Elizabeth Newman
Mary L. Nielsen
Gerry and Sue Oaks
Muriel Offan †
Bernard and Pauline Parr
Mildred C. Peiffer †
Peggy and John Perring-Mulligan
Jim † and Vi Powers
Marie Jean Proulx
Alice Riley †
Burke Riley
Kathy Riley
Rev. Msgr. Allen J. Roy
William and Judy Sandquist
Margaret Schmitz
Mary and Ray Schulte
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shirey
Tom † and Susie Siemers
Nathalie Smith
Yvonne Stoehr
Cecilia A. Stoltman
Joanna C. Stott
Jean Tesloff †
Andrea Longo Thomas
Mary Ann Tintes
Marilyn Trechter
Elvern A. Vanyo †
Ruth and Dan Velasquez
Kathleen E. Walsh
Mary Fran Walter
Fr. Steven P. Walter
Judith Whitacre
Margaret M. Wiechman
Mary M. Wilcox †
Mary M. Zignego

† Denotes Deceased

If you've remembered the Congregation of St. Joseph in your estate plans, please let us know so we can include your name. We only list people who have granted us permission.